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Cairo is one of the world's great mega cities where you'll find a history that spans centuries. Full of vigour, Cairo is where you really get a feel for Egyptian street life. No trip to Egypt is complete without a stay in the city Arabs call Umm al-Dunya (The Mother of the World). Cairo is an extraordinary blend of antithesis, where you may find an internet café alongside an ancient souk, where mosques and Coptic Churches of the ancient quarters of the city share the stunning skyline with five-star skyscraper hotels. Enjoy all of this whilst staying at Mövenpick Hotel Cairo-Media City.

On the outskirts of Cairo, stand the Great Pyramids of Giza. Built around 4500 years ago, the three pyramids are massive in size, constructed from around 2,300,000 blocks, weighing an average of two and a half tonnes each. Within short walking distance of the pyramids, is the great Sphinx of Giza, built in 2620 BC in the likeness of the king of Egypt; Chephren (Khafre). The ancient monument; 187 feet long and 65 feet high, is a human headed lion wearing a royal headdress, sitting in guard of the Great Pyramids… a must-do attraction on everyone’s itinerary.

The unique location for Mövenpick Hotel Cairo- Media City, alongside the Media Production City studios, blends fantasy and tradition and gives guests the chance to relive the history of the Egyptian cinema, while the hotel’s captivating architecture, wide pools and lush landscaped gardens would not be out of place in a movie. Only 20-km drive will take you to the Grand Egyptian Museum, described as the largest archaeological museum in the world. Laying on the opposite side of Mall of Egypt and being adjacent to Mall of Arabia, two of the largest shopping arcades in Egypt brings all pleasures in one place.

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