Eco-friendly and socially conscious hotel in the Maldives

Whether you have legs or fins, Kuredhivaru is our home. Here at Mövenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives we happily live a blissful life in the tropics and share joyful moments with our guests. With that in mind, our Maldives island resort is actively committed to sustainability, conserving the environment, and building a long-term relationship with local communities.

In line with other Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts around the world, our beach resort follows the international guidelines and best practices for sustainable tourism. This ensures that our standard operations and management enhance the guest experience, while respecting our role in maintaining the beautiful nature of the Maldives.

Conserving Maldives marine life

Green focus and renewable energy

  • On the roof of our team village, there are 1,700 solar panels that enjoy bathing in the sun. As a result, they generate clean energy that accounts for 35% of the total energy used in our resort.
  • The water heating system in each guestroom uses the regenerated heat from its own air conditioning unit, sustainably cooling you down under the sun and providing hot showers under the stars.
  • We use a desalination plant to produce potable water from the ocean that surrounds us, which helps us conserve the limited, natural fresh water supply.
  • Clean drinking water is produced in-house at our bottling plant, with the capacity of 4,000 litres a day which means we avoid using 300,000 plastic bottles each year.
Clean potable water from desalination

Waste reduction

  • Drink from glass water bottles, use compostable straws and dispose of trash in reusable containers. We encourage everyone to help us reduce plastic waste in simple ways.
  • Check in, view receipts, and learn more about our resort on screens. We left the traditional process behind and moved to a sustainable paperless experience.
  • Our suppliers understand and support our green mission by reducing the packaging when delivering supplies to our island. That means fewer unnecessary materials arrive in our tropical paradise.
  • We love our vegetation and so does bio-waste. We recycle and reuse the bio-waste to nourish our lush garden and maintain the landscape, thanks to effective and odourless waste treatments.
  • Aligned with WHO standards, our incinerator disposes of both solid and liquid waste in a safe and efficient way, resulting in clean emission prior to release.
Garden on Kuredhivaru Maldives

Socially responsible

  • We source lots of our seafood, fruits and vegetables from our neighbouring islands. This ensures great quality and freshness, but also supports the economy of our local communities.
  • More than half of our team members are from the local workforce. We are proud to be a part of the community and to share warm Maldivian hospitality with our guests.
  • Aided by both our human and financial resources, we work hand in hand with local communities to support local events, charities and volunteer projects.